16.6 – Live Music tonight at pukuvu!

our favourite “Trio without a name”, appearing one more time at pukuvu coop :

Akis Pitsanis  / violin vocals
Thymios Bardamaskos / mpouzouki vocals
Nikos Stamatakis / guitar vocals

This Saturday afternoon in our backyard in the center of Heraklion.
Be there.. 😉

*in case of rain, event will be moved inside.

21.6 & 23.6 – 2 days for Permaculture

Thursday 21/6, 21:00

We’ll watch a beautiful movie about Dirt, at pukuvu’s backyard!

Dirt! The Movie

What is the true value of dirt?

This movie introduces a very efficient way of perceiving our relating with our environment and soil. A more balanced and long living way cultivating culture is introduced on which dirt is considered to be the uterus, a living organism out of witch our food grows. From that perspective everything becomes completely different, opening the way to new possibilities ways and solutions for basic problems of humanity.

Gold or dirt?

Make a pick now and later we see…




Saturday 23/6 , 19:00 , Introduction to permaculture

Introduction into the basic values and applications of permaculture.

Foteini and Nikolas are going to introduce us into a different way of perceiving the world, thinking and cultivating from the pint of view of permaculture.





We will be very happy to see you there!